Strata Nest Commercial Body Corporate Management…

because commercial strata property is part of your nest

Your Commercial Body Corporate Manager (BCM) is supported by our Queensland bases office with experienced principal and support team.

Our BCMs own their own portfolio and as they are the day to day contact for owners and committee member, they are responsible for the service you enjoy. Due to the long-term nature of commercial tenancies and the complexity of managing sites with numerous competing businesses our Commerical BCMs are taught to develop the unique skills needed to address these challenges. 

All initial inquiries are addressed by your BCM. This ensure you and your community asset receive the services you deserve. There are no interstate or overseas staff that you will communicate with via live-chat. The only chat you need to have is with your Body Corporate manager as your manager will give you their direct email address and phone number. 

Although your manager will not be burdened with issuing levies, following p on arrears, accounts payments and record keeping (as these are the services we provide), they will be the only person to assist you unless you specifically choose to speak to our in-house accountant or strata management director. 

We cater for all types of commercial strata development, from shopping centres, warehouse complexes yo light industrial developments. Your manager will only be asked to manage your Body Corporate when they have the knowledge and skills required.