Powered By Strata Nest

What does "Powered By" mean?

Strata Nest is not a Body Corporate management company, we are instead a service provider which shares the day to day responsibilities of a BCM.

We provide the unseen power behind a great Body Corporate Manager. Accounts, arrears, levies, record keeping and ATO compliance are provided by the Strata Nest team. This allows your BCM to focus their time and energy on what really matters – you and your building.

Strata Nest is able to provide these services through the use of Urbanise the industry leading cloud based software for Body Corporate Management backed up by industry leading knowledge, qualifications and experience.

Property Development

Strata Nest use Archistar to assist our clients with site development concept and initial design plans. Archistar is an amazing technology platfrom which combines Nearmap, Domain< CoreLogic RP Data, Commercial Real Estate & Cordell Development data to allow us to effectively, quickly and accurately discuss strata development opportunities. Learn more at www.archistar.ai