Welcome to the Strata Nest difference

“Strata Nest’s directors took the unheard of decision of NOT building their own strata management portfolio and instead invite property owners to be serviced by a Body Corporate manager who owns their own small business.“

Benjamin Goodman – Co-Founder

There is nothing unique about body corporate management (also called Strata Management) you might say. True, however Strata Nest is built entirely for the fastest growing property sector in Australia…strata title. Apartment buildings, townhouse complexes, retirement villas and luxury townhomes are all strata and all someone’s nest.

The strata industry that tries to claim they are providing personal service however, there is a big catch. Personal service is founded on a person…funny that! Personal service is virtually impossible to maintain in a large Body Corporate management business as portfolios change and so do staff, regularly.

As an example think of the big four banks. No-one likes their bank however you may have a strong working relationship with your local teller or branch manager. The same thing happens in Body Corporate management. Not many property owners really like the large company that manage their Body Corporate. However, you may have a strong working relationship with your manager. That is because most people appreciate the benefit of personal service.

What happens when that person leaves? Do you move your business elsewhere? Often that is not possible or practical so the knowledge of your building leaves and you have to build a relationship with a new manager.

Strata Nest have developed a system to support the management and administration of your Body Corporate through our shared responsibility model. We take care of the back-end so your manager can focus on you and your building. It is that decision that allows all our managers to be part of the Strata Nest network permanently in a way that they can be properly rewarded for their skill and effort and you and your property receive the service you deserve from your local Body Corporate Manager. When your manager owns their own business, their commitment is not just promised, it is guaranteed.