The Strata Nest
feather/building logo

Some people see a building and some may see a feather or even a leaf. Our logo is in fact a clever combination of a high rise building and a feather.

It has been created to depict our entire focus on strata titled property depicted by the high rise building and the feather which is left in the nest when birds leave is a symbol of how we feather
YOUR nest.

Our complete focus is to make everyone, including our team feel that their effort and risk is rewarded fairly. For our term, their work builds their nest egg, for renters or owner occupiers their apartment or townhouse is their nest and for investors, that their investment unit builds their nest egg for the future

Did you know? The word strata comes from the many horizontal layers found in rock formations and when the word strata is used in relation to property title those layers are the floors of the building.